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The foundation of Lj贸ss 馃挜

For those who don't know, I had a blog back in the 2010s where I posted stuff about gaming and my own silly novels, which is then along with its content was erased completely at the end of 2019 after I decided to disappear from social media altogether. The process wasn't easy as my job required me to be proven alive on the internet, yet I managed to get myself off Facebook, Twitter and blogging with ease.

I want to keep the reasons for that behavior to myself, just so you know that things were terribly horrible and I had to do what was best for me. Then again I was always interested in creating a personal blog all by myself so here we are. Technically, this blog has been built with Gridsome, a VueJS-powered framework for building static generated websites witho潭u潭t潭 much pain. I will write more about it later since this blog is still no way near complete as the framework it's built upon.

Well, a new home needs a brand new name. I had been thinking about this a lot before settle on the name Lj贸ss. The word is translated in my mother tongue as the same meaning of my name. In Old Norse, lj贸ss means : light, bright, shining, light-colored, fair, clear, evident, plain 馃挜. You wouldn't want to know the reason why I chose to name my blog in Old Norse as it's really personal and inexplicable.

The purpose of Lj贸ss is the same as the old one. It is my way to share personal experience about the things I like and my views on some random thing, whether it is related to coding, gaming, music, books or anything. This blog is just a hobby blog so please don't expect an impressively stylish interface or regular daily updates with pictures, luxury and exciting lifestyles of a professional blogger. It won't happen.



Hello there, I'm Aleks, a Software Engineer who loves open-source products and micro startups. This blog is just a place for me to post random stuff about things I like, interesting stories, and sometimes technical problems.

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